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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
383 4 weeks ago Error when previewing *.rst files closed termim  
380 1 month ago Debugger/Shell interaction closed termim  
378 1 month ago Input() function irregular behavior in ERIC closed rgy  
374 1 month ago Cython support closed termim  
375 1 month ago Quick search closed termim  
376 1 month ago YAML support closed termim  
372 1 month ago File-Browser enhancement closed termim  
373 1 month ago cannot launch after pip installation inside venv on Debian buster closed tverrbjelke  
363 1 month ago Multiple breakpoints on the same line closed termim  
369 1 month ago "Package Details" dialog enhancement closed termim  
371 2 months ago Code outline is broken for some files closed termim  
367 2 months ago Show relative paths in the breakpoint list closed termim  
368 2 months ago Roundup configuration closed termim  
364 2 months ago Loss of Input Focus from Console Pane closed iandall  
362 2 months ago Access to script variables in the shell during unittest run closed termim  
359 2 months ago Search in files behaviour closed termim  
360 2 months ago Paste in the Shell widget by mouse closed termim  
358 2 months ago Ruby syntax highlight items missing closed mescobal  
357 3 months ago eric6 doesn't build since release 20.11 closed daviddavid  
356 4 months ago Comment/Uncomment for Cython files closed termim  
354 5 months ago Debug closed rfrerich  
353 5 months ago Not able to change the font in editor and shell to monospace closed chris  
347 6 months ago Hide new code navigator / Show previous navigator controls closed Qb  
345 6 months ago Not able to add folder within a Project closed Pranav774  
342 7 months ago Code parts deleted closed rfrerich  
341 7 months ago VCS and GIT toolbars re-open themselves when switching projects in a multiproject closed pmp-p  
340 8 months ago Debug object values closed rfrerich  
339 8 months ago Tasks closed rfrerich  
338 8 months ago New Project closed rfrerich  
337 8 months ago Start Eric after Installation on Ubuntu closed rfrerich  
333 8 months ago Project-Tools, Checks not working in 20.x closed  
335 8 months ago qt.qpa.plugin closed derekp  
330 9 months ago Shell output pane, odd behavior when selecting. closed MvGulik  
332 10 months ago Eric6 in Venv - Virtualenv Manager creates a nested Venv closed steveb  
331 10 months ago ProjectDjango plugin with Virtual Environments closed steveb  
329 11 months ago Pop-up Windows are all blank on MacOS closed dp86  
327 11 months ago Virtual Environment /bin not in search path closed steveb  
328 11 months ago Site info / URL bar falsely claim that connection is secure after certificate exception closed The Compiler  
306 11 months ago Column selecting, spaces, unstable, crash. closed MvGulik  
322 13 months ago Diplay error on Macos closed TOMUS38  
321 13 months ago distutils.sysconfig is missing so eric6 crashes after logo closed nathanstenzel  
319 14 months ago unset applicationName causes glitches in GNOME Wayland closed fedelibre  
314 15 months ago error when trying to generate dialog code closed mikl  
315 15 months ago Eric 6 - cannot run any python script with Eric closed bloyd  
313 15 months ago Does not Generate Dialog Code closed sometimes  
311 17 months ago PyQt/Qt 5.9.0 minimum spec on eric-ide(pypi) seems a bit optimistic. closed MvGulik  
310 17 months ago Warning after eric6 (19.11 ?) install in venv. closed MvGulik  
309 17 months ago Startup error, after 19.11 updating, Linux Mint. closed MvGulik  
307 17 months ago [CTRL+INS] has tendency to not copy stuff. closed MvGulik  
308 17 months ago unhandled exception, argument 1 overflowed, "string"["string"] closed MvGulik  
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