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133 90 months ago pyflakes python3 closed bcone  
366 6 months ago Regression in 21.2 : Run/Debug do not support setting environment variables closed termim  
326 18 months ago Installation error - windows 10 and Eric IDE closed davidjgoodman  
300 27 months ago Eric6 not starting closed BLACKFIREBOY  
285 36 months ago Windows Eric6 doesn't start after upgrade of pyqt5 to 5.11 closed Ludwig49  
280 37 months ago Impossible to run new project in Eric6 closed rritoch  
276 39 months ago Impossible to run project after update Eric6 18.07 closed tecumuman  
250 48 months ago MacOs doesn't run eric6-17.11 after updating from 17.10 closed Qb detlev
241 51 months ago Segmentation Fault on startup closed Mike_S  
216 59 months ago web browser crash in matchThirdParty closed shao.lo detlev
215 59 months ago test issues from new users closed lenivaya10001  
206 61 months ago Eric 6 crash on startup closed mirom967 detlev
180 77 months ago The python3 debugger has to be restarted closed prvnkmr detlev
169 82 months ago Opensuse 13.2 : arrow keys do not work closed praise  
165 84 months ago Poblem with last update of eric5 and python 2 closed Davy39 detlev
164 84 months ago Issue with debugger interface closed Davy39 detlev
151 87 months ago Eric4 install fails when not a root user closed stefraynaud detlev
79 106 months ago rope plugin doesn't work closed roperuser detlev
6 112 months ago Can not install eric 4 closed kabel detlev
37 112 months ago Eric5 5.1.7 installation failed closed cdimauro detlev
48 119 months ago Eric doesn't fit in my screen closed kdebugs detlev
32 122 months ago Eric 4 crashing due to a missing module closed berkantk detlev
325 18 months ago Compilation of form file failed closed Yetib  
317 18 months ago Render failed editor string closed jorgeps  
312 23 months ago test container closed detlev  
296 31 months ago Eric6 won't open designer closed unruhseth317  
271 40 months ago Error with Eric6 since version 18.06 closed tecumuman  
253 46 months ago QT Debug Message closed amr  
239 54 months ago Eric 6 installation fails: "Sorry, please install PyQt5" closed WXB13 detlev
223 57 months ago installing eric6 on windows 10 closed Ramese10  
192 65 months ago HELP installing closed P1K9ST1N  
183 74 months ago Eric 6.0.9 Crash when press dropdown QDateEdit closed sukitlek detlev
175 79 months ago Anaconda with Eric closed balakumars detlev
124 91 months ago can't input Chinese??? I have allready installed the translation package..... closed DEAGS3000 detlev
119 96 months ago Weird things happen when installing eric5-5.3.8 for Python 3.3.2 closed napo1987 detlev
100 103 months ago Eric5 Crash when using Qt5.0.1 closed mhorling detlev
54 114 months ago "the debugger backend could not be started" closed iomari detlev
36 120 months ago Copy, paste and undo do not work via keyboard shortcuts closed martin detlev
33 122 months ago missing nonlocal variable leads to crash closed lalop detlev
22 125 months ago Error after Upgrade to Eric4-4.4.15 closed Monotoba detlev
402 2 months ago Breakpoint problem closed termim  
401 2 months ago win32ui.dll closed eavedillo  
399 2 months ago Unittest problem closed termim  
398 3 months ago Eric fails on startup from v21.5 onwards closed Xavion  
396 3 months ago Bug in debugger closed termim  
393 4 months ago Debug variable viewer bug closed termim  
390 5 months ago Eric6 Install closed brad3  
361 9 months ago PyQt6 Support closed skarthik  
351 12 months ago Debugger exception closed termim  
336 14 months ago Manage Virtual Environments bug in "Edit.." closed termim  
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