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Title: Debug/run crash
Type: feature request Product: eric6
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msg1442 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2021-03-15.16:58:02
The requested feature has been implemented with changeset 29fb6d420a25. It will be part of 
release 21.4.
msg1430 (view) Author: termim Date: 2021-03-10.03:03:25
Would it be possible to add this checkbox (enable/disable redirect) to
the run/debug dialogs to be able control it on the per run case?
msg1412 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2021-02-23.16:52:37
In order to redirect output of the script run in the debugger backend, eric changes the 
system input/output channels to its socket connection to the debugger frontend. This 
connection is killed by the test script. If a program fiddles around with sys.stdout or 
sys.stderr, the redirection of these channels to the IDE should be disabled (Debugger-
>Python3 config page).
msg1404 (view) Author: termim Date: 2021-02-21.22:20:49
Run the attached script in a plain or debug mode
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