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Title: Eric-ide wiki (for users by users) could be useful/nice.
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Created on 2022-09-23.19:56:56 by MvGulik, last changed by MvGulik.

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msg1682 (view) Author: MvGulik Date: 2022-09-23.19:56:56
The one main thing I have always seen as a big downer to eric-ide is the lack of general-user documentation.

Due to this I'm probably not even using 5% of eric-ide features.

A Eric-ide wiki (for users by users) could be a potential solution in this.
But longevity might be an issue, if not setup/hosted by you(Eric dev).

So Dev ... Why not(in a nutshell):
- Look into setting up some basic wiki. (DokuWiki seems a potential nice light weight alternative to Mediawiki)
- Find someone that likes to oversee and potentially develop it further (ie:admin ... to at least clear spam and such.
- Than generally forget about it yourself.

Its of course never 'that' simple. But who knows, ... it might pay-out in the long run.

I'll leave it at that.
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