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Title: [Solved]Eric5.QtHelp
Type: crash Product: eric5
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msg172 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2012-01-30.18:27:53
The fix indicates a PyQt4 issue (please report to PyQt mailing list).
msg171 (view) Author: blfuentes Date: 2012-01-30.12:32:27
Editing in PyQt:
if mname in ("QtOpenGL", "QtWebKit"): <--edit to -->
if mname in ("QtHelp", "QtOpenGL", "QtWebKit"):
msg170 (view) Author: blfuentes Date: 2012-01-30.11:40:23
Can't install eric5 after install correctly PyQt, QScintilla.
It shows me an error "no module named QtHelp".

Ubuntu 11.10.
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