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Title: Unrelated errors on Run script
Type: behavior Product: eric4
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msg244 (view) Author: human-man Date: 2012-07-18.03:39:25
Sorry. I didn't notice that I imported file one in file two. That explains the 
msg240 (view) Author: human-man Date: 2012-07-15.09:31:22
I have none at hand, right now. But this error happened regularly. So I will wait 
for it to happen again. :-)
msg238 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2012-07-14.08:42:35
I am not able to reproduce the issue. Can you submit the two scripts that cause 
the issue?
msg237 (view) Author: human-man Date: 2012-07-14.05:12:55
I have opened two files, where file one contains an error. I have file two in the 
foreground and call "Run script". Then Eric tell's me that there's an error in 
file one and rejects to run file two.
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