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List of issues

ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
396 10 months ago Bug in debugger closed termim  
393 11 months ago Debug variable viewer bug closed termim  
390 12 months ago Eric6 Install closed brad3  
361 16 months ago PyQt6 Support closed skarthik  
351 19 months ago Debugger exception closed termim  
336 22 months ago Manage Virtual Environments bug in "Edit.." closed termim  
324 24 months ago Eric6 does not installed closed tamerelameer  
323 25 months ago input() function closed charliemac  
318 25 months ago WSL filesystem cant be open closed Papa Karlo  
320 27 months ago Eric6 and qtdesigner closed Auerhahn  
316 28 months ago Generate Dialogue Code fails with "QtWebEngineWidgets must be imported before a QCoreApplication instance is created" closed dhlocker  
304 32 months ago eric6 19.9 installation fails on macos closed Qb  
303 33 months ago Windows install error when user path contains accent or metacharacters UTF-8 can't decode closed CesarTM  
294 38 months ago Eric 17.11.1-1 will show splash screen, then nothing on Mint 19.1 closed Sunnchilde  
292 40 months ago Pygmentization? closed Ro6ert  
289 42 months ago Custom Widget Promotion in PyQt5 Designer - Error while generating Dialog Code closed skarthik  
275 47 months ago Install Eric6 18.06 installation fails: Missing QtWebEngineWidgets, QtWebKitWidgets closed mrichmon  
263 49 months ago Makefile support closed KmolYuan detlev
256 51 months ago eric errors when starting on Windows 10 closed hwd  
255 53 months ago Cython support closed KmolYuan detlev
248 55 months ago dark theme closed vince  
243 58 months ago Eric6 crash on Project update closed tomigo detlev
211 63 months ago Edit menu items disabled closed MartinHo  
224 64 months ago eric6 offline closed allaboutmike  
222 64 months ago Segmentation fault during startup closed rotzbengel detlev
219 65 months ago Eric 17.01 and earlier fails to start -Segmentation fault (core dumped) closed krassowski detlev
217 66 months ago reCAPTCHA doesn't work on some sites closed shao.lo  
209 67 months ago PYUIC5 Error with Eric version 16.11 closed ludolechinois detlev
208 67 months ago Unhandled import error on "import win32api" (it's on sys.path) closed jmatos  
202 69 months ago Eric 6.1.8 crash on startup closed paulo.mach  
198 72 months ago killer QScintilla again SOLVED closed primeq  
197 72 months ago Installation 6-6-1-6 error pyqt5 closed cdomerap  
188 75 months ago eric 6.1.2, error with help browser and segfaults on exit closed gudjon detlev
113 81 months ago When running a pyside script, the script fails with error 4 in closed dave detlev
162 91 months ago Problem launching Eric6 on Ubuntu 14.10 (QsciLexerPython : unexpected type 'Shell') closed Davy39  
121 95 months ago I cannot configure eric5 for some items closed bluephoenix detlev
149 95 months ago Indentation lost when hitting Enter when cursor is at start of line closed davidmcnab detlev
147 96 months ago Can't change cursor color closed lowkey  
141 96 months ago Need help closed jml  
136 97 months ago Treat decorators in syntax check closed dpizetta  
120 102 months ago CxFreeze Plugin 5.21 can't be actived closed agonz detlev
102 110 months ago Eric4&5 Installation failed on Win8/Xp closed steven_study detlev
99 111 months ago Selected text is deleted when switching focus between widgets closed nzh detlev
82 112 months ago Problem installing Eric4 on Fedora 17 closed knuno detlev
77 113 months ago Logo closed Yuras  
69 119 months ago Unrelated errors on Run script closed human-man detlev
63 120 months ago Saving lasts too long closed human-man detlev
56 123 months ago Selected text gets deleted when switching to another file/module and back closed beliar detlev
51 125 months ago [Solved]Eric5.QtHelp closed blfuentes detlev
44 127 months ago PyFlake works only with Python version < 3 closed cdimauro detlev
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