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Author: Yetib
Recipients: Yetib
Date: 2020-04-25.09:41:52
Hi, since version 20.3 (and 20.4), I get the popup "Compilation of form file 
failed" when invoking pyuic5 from right click popup menu. No further 
information. Compilation from a shell works fine however. Launching QtDesigner 
is OK. I switched to Python 3.7.7, I use WinPython distrib on Windows 10.
Another point looks weird: When I "generate dialog code" from the same menu, 
the import line looks like this
from .Ui_filename import UI_mainWindow
why is there a dot preceding the module name ?
I reviewed deeply all configuration of Eric6, project etc...but no idea.
please help, this is a very useful feature.
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