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Author: fuzzyeric
Recipients: detlev, fuzzyeric
Date: 2022-09-14.08:49:24
I'd like to move to eric7 but,
* The icon-based UI is completely unreadable on my 4k monitor.
* Plugins: Documentation Set, Python 3.9 and 3.10 appear to do nothing.
* Help|Python 3 Documentation is broken : "The documentation starting
point "/usr/share/doc/packages/python3/html/index.html" could not be
* Help|Qt5 Documentation is broken, referencing Qt6 : "The
documentation starting point
could not be found."
* The eric7 Helpviewer is broken (or deceptively named), unable to
find any python 3 symbols that are not also eric symbols.
* Eric7 appears to be unable to work with the large legacy python 2.7
codebase that I maintain (and am not funded to port to 3.x).
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