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Author: detlev
Recipients: detlev, fuzzyeric
Date: 2022-09-14.09:06:32
* eric7 includes a SVG based icon set that should scale with the monitor resolution
* Documentation set plugins just provide the help documents in a format usable with qthelp. The documents to 
be presented must be configured (i.e. loaded) through 'Manage QtHelp Documents' and the starting path 
configured (e.g. qthelp://org.sphinx.python.3.10/doc/index.html)
* Missing starting point is caused by the Python documentation package not being installed or configured 
* Little issue here caused by Qt5 help documentation path not being configured. Will be fixed in next 
* The Helpviewer is there to show the help documents, not Python 3 symbols.
* eric7 does not support Python 2 anymore as this Python version is obsolete.

Possible solutions for your situation would be:
* downgrade to Python 3.9 and use eric6 (latest release was 21.11)
* get the unmaintained eric6 sources via the repository (branch eric6 contains some Python 3.10 fixes), use 
it with Python 3.10 and fix more Python 3.10 compatibility issues yourself.
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