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Author: detlev
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Date: 2022-09-15.06:45:48
* The screenshot shows eric6 using pixel based icons. In May 2020 a vector based icon set 
(light and dark mode) was introduced. This should work much better on High-DPI monitors. 
Lacking such a monitor I cannot test it but didn't get complaints so far.

* Documentation:
** The QtHelp based documentation functionality is only available in the eric Web Browser 
when started with the option '--qthelp'. The settings menu should contain the mentioned 
** Showing QtHelp based documentation in eric7 is much simpler as it contains an embedded 
help viewer.
** It is correct that documentation is a bit sparse. Everybody is welcome to contribute 
such documentation!
** Tested it over here with the eric7 web browser and it shows the index.html file 
(although of Python 3.10) without issues.
** The mentioned action is part of the help viewer menu structure and not the eric main 
menu structure. Furthermore it is only available in the external help viewer 
(eric_browser) if '--qthelp' was used to start it.
** As mentioned previously Python 2 is no longer supported!
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