eric ide


Author: sukitlek
Date: 2015-09-07.02:36:24
If I did a breakpoint in the line command within the on_???_editingFinished()
and run program by pressing shift+F5, the eric program will crash if I press the
dropdown icon on that ??? QDateEdit.

My computer is Linux 17.3 and the version from <show version> of eric program are:
Python 3.4.0
Qt 4.8.6
PyQt 4.10.4
sip 4.15.5
QScintilla 2.8.1
WebKit 537.21
eric6 6.0.9 (rev. 1d7d42500f54)

I tested with previous version of eric back to version 6.0.0. There was the same

The video I send was showing what I did before crash. I could not show until
crash occur. If I edit the QDateEdit in edit line, it's find. But don't press
dropdown icon.
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