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Author: TRz
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Date: 2017-10-18.19:21:25
Hello Vince,
a good starting point could be the Qt style sheets. I've attached you a sample,
which you should also find in the PyQt / Qt supplied examples.
All you have to do is modifying UI/
1. Add qApp, e.g.:
from PyQt5.QtGui import QKeySequence, QDesktopServices, qApp
2. Add following code after (maybe add a complete path)
"e5App().registerObject("Numbers", self.numbersViewer)":
        with open(r'UI\coffee.qss', 'rt', encoding='utf-8') as fp:
            styleSheet =        
3. Restart eric
Ok, it's very ugly but modifying the qss is all you need and the most work. If a
nice style sheet exsist, we'll find a way to put it in the right place of eric...
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