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Title: Eric4&5 Installation failed on Win8/Xp
Type: crash Product: eric5
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msg380 (view) Author: steven_study Date: 2013-04-25.14:41:57
I have fixed the problem with other way,the normal installation only to install 
Python and PyQt,but after I download the new version PyQt and install it,I can 
not tell why the PyQt can not install successfully because is a binary files which 
can not trace.

belowed is my solution which is manually installed,I have to install Qt and any 
other files manually,but It works now.

I test successfully on a clean XP (virtual machine on virtualbox)

This document is up-to-date for the following versions:
- MinGW-4.4.0
- Qt-4.8.4
- Python-2.7.4
- sip-4.14.6
- Nmake 1.5
- PyQt4 4.10.2
- QScintilla-2.7.1

Detailed Instructions

Installing MinGW 4.4.0
Pay attention to the version of MinGW,the high version will cause belowed 
error when you install Qt 4.8.4:     

There is a problem with your MinGW instanllation:
The install could not find a valid D:\MyTools\Qt\MinGW\include\w32api.h
(Only version with W32API 3.13 are supported)

You will need an install of MinGW that contains ``mingw32-make.exe``.
Install MinGW using the binaries from the MinGW website.  I placed
mine in ``C:\MinGW``.

- Make sure you have::


Installing Qt 4.8.4

- Grab the binary installer (.exe) for the latest Qt release on
  TrollTech's webpage.

- Execute the installation, with or without MinGW depending on if you
  already have it. 

This will place Qt in ``C:\Qt\<version>`` by default.

Installing Python 2.7.4

- Download the Python MSI binary from the website and run
  it, and install it (typically in ``C:\Python27\python.exe``).

Setting up for Build

You MUST use the ``cmd.exe`` shell, and not Cygwin's bash nor MinGW
nor MKS not anything else.

Start ``cmd.exe`` and set your PATH to something clean that contains
both MinGW and Qt::


Verify your PATH configuration by running these two commands::

  g++ -v
  qmake -v

Building and Installing SIP

- Download and unpack the SIP snapshot source for Windows.

- Configure it, making sure to use the ``-p`` option (otherwise the
  build runs in an infinite loop)::

    C:\sip-4.14.6> C:/Python27/python -p win32-g++
    C:\sip-4.14.6> mingw32-make
    C:\sip-4.14.6> mingw32-make install

This should install the following files in your Python library::


Building and Installing PyQt-win-gpl-snapshot-4.10.2

Using the same shell setup as above, 

- Download and unpack the PyQt4 snapshot source for Windows.

- Configure it::

    C:\PyQt-win-gpl-snapshot-4.10.2> C:/Python27/python -w
    Do you accept the terms of the license? yes
  This should complete succesfully.

  Note: you should not have to set any variable. QTDIR is now
  obsolete. QMAKESPEC should be found automatically, but if it is not,
  you can probably safely use the ``-p win32-g++`` option.

- Compile it::

    C:\PyQt-win-gpl-snapshot-4.10.2> mingw32-make

- Install it::

    C:\PyQt-win-gpl-snapshot-4.10.2> mingw32-make install

download NMAKE 1.5

Run it and will generate 3 files,copy nmake.exe and nmake.err to windows 


Before compiling QScintilla on Windows you should remove the Qsci 
directory containing the QScintilla header files from any previous installation. 
This is because the Makefile generated by qmake will find these older header 
files instead of the new ones.
Depending on the compiler you are using you may need to run nmake rather 
than make.
If you have built a Windows DLL then you probably also want to run:
    copy %QTDIR%\lib\qscintilla2.dll %QTDIR%\bin

Open "Qt Command Prompt"
cd the Qt4 path:
nmake install

Then go to QScintilla-gpl-2.7.1 find the Python folder:

make install


Install Eric4 with
msg378 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2013-04-24.17:19:16
How did you install? The correct way is to extract the downloaded archive in
some temporary directory and from within the eric4/5 subdirectory execute
'python'. This will generate some script (*.bat) files and move them
to their destination directory. Once done, you may savely remove the temp directory.
msg377 (view) Author: steven_study Date: 2013-04-24.08:34:01
I would like to install Eric4 on Win8-64bit OS.
Follow some direction from google:
1. Install python-2.7.4.amd64 at C:\Python27
2.Then install PyQt4-4.10.1-gpl-Py2.7-Qt4.8.4-x64,

All the above two steps succeesed without error
And I also add "C:\Python27" to Path.

3. The last step, when I install Eric4, I run it as : python,during the 
installation,some files were created such as "eric4.bat",but when the 
installation is complete. The system seems roll back and all the new files were 
deleted..........I can not find eric4.bat anymore.

So I try to install python-3.3.1.amd64/PyQt4-4.10.1-gpl-Py3.3-Qt4.8.4-
x64/Eric5   on the same Win8 64 bit

And the same result I got.........

Belowed is the log when I install Eric5:

c:\Python33\eric5-5.3.2>python instal
Checking dependencies
Python Version: 3.3.1
Found PyQt4
Found QtHelp
Found QScintilla2
Found QtGui
Found QtNetwork
Found QtSql
Found QtSvg
Found QtWebKit
Qt Version: 4.8.4
PyQt Version:  4.10.1
QScintilla Version:  2.7.1
All dependencies ok.

Compiling user interface files...

Compiling source files...

Installing eric5 ...

Installation complete.

Press enter to continue...

And the more strange was when I create a virtual machine (32bit-WinXP on 
Virtualbox), I try to install the Eric4,I got the same result..........after the 
installation without error,I can not find the Eric4.bat.
Did I download the wrong version of Eric?

belowed is where I got the files:
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