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Title: Need help
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msg520 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2014-06-17.17:34:13
The requested documentation is available via the eric web site under the Header 
'Tutorials' and 'Documentation'.
msg518 (view) Author: jml Date: 2014-06-16.20:07:22
Hi ,
I'm brand new to this IDE. It was highly recommended by one of my past 
professors. is there a simple tutorial available on how to use this? I have 
always written python code using a simple text editor and running programs from 
the command line. I use netbeans for c/c++ projects and find it easy and user 
friendly. on the contrary, every python specific IDE ive looked into seems 
busy, esoteric, and counterintuitive. I really need to learn a python IDE but 
am having major difficulty getting off the ground. I guess I'm requesting a 
beginner specific tutorial which focuses more on using the ide (step by step) 
rather than a tutorial who's focus is programming nuances. thank you
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