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Title: Anaconda with Eric
Type: behavior Product: eric6
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msg667 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2015-04-30.17:44:21
I just installed Anaconda on Linux and tried to install eric. The issue could be 
reproduced. The source of the issue is an incomplete Anaconda package. It is 
missing QScintilla and the QScintilla Python bindings. That is not an eric issue. 
Please report to the Anaconda maintainers.
msg649 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2015-02-17.16:03:06
Please try the following in a Python console window.

from PyQt5 import Qsci     (or from PyQt4 import Qsci)

If that shows an issue please get the installation right.
msg648 (view) Author: balakumars Date: 2015-02-16.20:50:44
Hi One of the fastest ways of setting up eric in Windows is installing Anaconda python and then eric using it.  
Anaconda comes with all prerequisites of eric including qt, sip and scintilla and I had no issues doing that in Windows.
But when I tried the same in OSX it failed with below error.  
Looks like this error can happen in regular installation as mentioned in below link.
Sorry, please install QScintilla2 and
 it's PyQt4 wrapper.
 Error: cannot import name Qsci

Looking for guidance here.
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