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Title: Eric 6.0.9 Crash when press dropdown QDateEdit
Type: crash Product: eric6
Priority: urgent    
Status: closed Resolution: will not fix
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msg686 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2015-09-08.16:40:12
The issue is caused by the X-Window server (or Qt). When the calendar popup is 
requested, it is created and want to gain exclusive focus. At the same time the 
editing finished signal is sent and that fires the breakpoint. This causes eric to 
request the mouse and keyboard inputs and we have a deadlock situation. The same 
happens, when setting a breakpoint in a menu handling function. This situation 
does not happen on every OS (e.g. doesn't happen on Windows). Therefore I don't 
consider it an eric issue. However, if a workaround is known, I am happy to 
implement it.
msg685 (view) Author: sukitlek Date: 2015-09-08.04:27:33
Sample 4
msg684 (view) Author: sukitlek Date: 2015-09-08.04:27:01
Sample 3
msg683 (view) Author: sukitlek Date: 2015-09-08.04:26:29
Sample 2
msg682 (view) Author: sukitlek Date: 2015-09-08.04:25:48
Sample Code 1.
msg680 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2015-09-07.17:12:52
Please upload a small self contained sample exhibiting this issue and the traceback 
you get with your code. Currently I am not able to reproduce the issue.
msg679 (view) Author: sukitlek Date: 2015-09-07.02:36:24
If I did a breakpoint in the line command within the on_???_editingFinished()
and run program by pressing shift+F5, the eric program will crash if I press the
dropdown icon on that ??? QDateEdit.

My computer is Linux 17.3 and the version from <show version> of eric program are:
Python 3.4.0
Qt 4.8.6
PyQt 4.10.4
sip 4.15.5
QScintilla 2.8.1
WebKit 537.21
eric6 6.0.9 (rev. 1d7d42500f54)

I tested with previous version of eric back to version 6.0.0. There was the same

The video I send was showing what I did before crash. I could not show until
crash occur. If I edit the QDateEdit in edit line, it's find. But don't press
dropdown icon.
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