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Title: HELP installing
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msg708 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2016-06-04.15:08:46
After unzipping the archive open a console window (cmd.exe) and in there execute 
'python3'. This will install eric in the directory tree of the used 
Python interpreter. (On Windows you may need to give the complete path to the 
interpreter like c:\Python35\python.exe
msg703 (view) Author: P1K9ST1N Date: 2016-05-29.05:27:14
When I install Eric6, i get a .zip file. But after extracting that file, I am at
a loss of what to do. There is no executable file, no IDE, no program, only
directories upon directories. There is a python file called "install" but when i
run it, the command line flashes for a second then disappears. What is happening???
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