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Title: Unhandled import error on "import win32api" (it's on sys.path)
Type: behavior Product: eric6
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msg777 (view) Author: jmatos Date: 2016-10-24.01:43:31
The problem also occurs in a plain Python installation.

The solution is simple.
Just copy the 2 DLLs from
C:\WinPython35\python-3.5.2\Lib\site-packages\pywin32_system32 to

For the plain Python the solution is the same (with the obvious change in paths).
msg775 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2016-10-23.15:14:46
The issue is reproducible with WinPython. I tested it with Anaconda as well and 
it works fine. It is probably related to setting some environment variables done 
by the myriad of WinPython scripts.
msg774 (view) Author: jmatos Date: 2016-10-23.12:04:31
I use WinPython 3.5.2 and when running a simple py script:
import win32api
everything runs in the Python shell, as it should.
However, if I try to run it in Eric6 it always returns an "unhandled import error".
I checked the sys.path and everything seems ok.
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