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Title: Error after Upgrade to Eric4-4.4.15
Type: crash Product: eric4
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eric4_error.log Monotoba, 2011-07-02.19:09:12
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msg82 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2011-07-03.07:23:03
Please upgrade to sip 4.12.2. There was an issue with older release causing the
observed problem.
msg81 (view) Author: Monotoba Date: 2011-07-02.19:09:12
Upgraded to Eric 4.4.15 and now I cannot open files. I have included the error
log file. 

Platform: Windows XP SP3 on Virtual Box running on Ubuntu 8.04LTS
XP runs Wamp Stack and other development software.
1Gig Ram, Single Processor.
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