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Title: eric6 offline
Type: behavior Product: eric6
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msg838 (view) Author: allaboutmike Date: 2017-02-20.05:09:41
Disabled the network check and all good now.
msg836 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2017-02-18.11:13:19
The online check is done through a Qt component. If that does not work reliably, 
the online check can be disabled on the Network configuration page of the eric6 
configuration dialog. If the respective checkbox is un-checked, it is assumed, 
that the computer is always online.
msg835 (view) Author: allaboutmike Date: 2017-02-18.07:02:19
Just installed eric6. Whenever I try to do anything that requires internet
access, like check for updates or add plugins, the IDE says it is offline and I
should "go online".
How is it checking for on/offline? I am already online and no other program has
any issues, even the built-in web browser.
I need the git plugin, so I can't use eric6 while it is doing this.
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