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Title: Eric 4 crashing due to a missing module
Type: crash Product: eric4
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msg109 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2011-10-01.15:34:54
That seems to be an issue of the Python installation. Please check the file
"<path to Python lib>/email/ The last code block at the bottom
should look like these lines.

import email.mime
for _name in _MIMENAMES:
    importer = LazyImporter('mime.' + _name.lower())
    sys.modules['email.MIME' + _name] = importer
    setattr(sys.modules['email'], 'MIME' + _name, importer)
    setattr(sys.modules['email.mime'], _name, importer)

If they don't please report the issue to the package maintainers.
msg108 (view) Author: berkantk Date: 2011-10-01.11:23:17
Hi, I'm using Ubuntu 11.10 and Eric 4.4. I can't get Eric to run, the startup window appears and then crashes 
itself.  I pasted the terminal report here :

It says the module Image does not exist, whereas i can import it in Python, when i separately try.
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