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Title: Logo
Type: feature request Product: eric5
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msg274 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2013-01-15.18:06:34
You may provide a new one. Here are the requirements:
1. Must be a Troll (original Qt company was Trolltech)
2. Must be colored.
msg273 (view) Author: Yuras Date: 2013-01-15.13:22:32
Cruel beast.
msg272 (view) Author: Yuras Date: 2013-01-15.13:20:54
Fucking ugly monster.
msg271 (view) Author: Yuras Date: 2013-01-15.13:19:24
I appreciate your work in this project and this awesome IDE but... I beg you
change the awfull LOGO! I can't stand it :<
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