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Title: Problem installing Eric4 on Fedora 17
Type: crash Product: eric4
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Status: closed Resolution: rejected
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eric4_error.log knuno, 2013-02-18.10:33:07 Error log from trying to start eric4 as ordinary user.
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msg298 (view) Author: detlev Date: 2013-02-23.10:55:12
This issue is rejected because both observations are not related to eric4 but to
your system.

1) The script sets all permissions to either 0755 or 0644. However,
if your umask is not set properly (e.g. to 0022), the group and others
permissions might get removed.

2) The submitted error log file indicates, that there is an issue with xml.sax.
It may be the same issue as 1) if everything works as root.
msg295 (view) Author: knuno Date: 2013-02-18.10:33:07
Downloaded v 4.5.8. All download files owned by root. Run python 
Everything installs without errors. Run eric4 as root, works OK. Run eric4 as 
user, complains about file permissions. See that all files installed with no 
access for ordinary users, fix with chmod. test eric4 as root, OK. Test as 
ordinary user, get <class 'xml.sax._exceptions.SAXReaderNotAvailable'>: No 
parsers found. See attached error log.
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