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Author: roperuser
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Date: 2013-02-08.11:28:00
OK, let's be more patient.

I must reiterate the environment again. I think the rope error is irrelevant 
completely, which made me impatient yesterday. I guess maybe there's 
environment difference which made it didn't work for me. 

My OS is 32bit Windows-7, then intall the "python-2.7.3.msi", then install 
the "PyQt-Py2.7-x86-gpl-4.9.6-1.exe", then extract the "" and 
then then run the "eric4-4.5.8\".

Run the "eric4-4.5.8\eric\eric4.pyw".
Create a project named "test1".
Create a new file named "" and with content as the attachment.
Select and highlight the identifier "sense" at line 12.
Select "Refactoring -> Refactoring -> Rename".
While the check box "Rename occurrences in strings and comments" was checked 
by default.
Type a new name such as "testnewname" at the pop-up dialog.
Click the "OK" or "Preview" button.
Then eric4 the whole program die away. Check the "Windows Task Manager" will 
find a process named "pythonw.exe" occupy a whole core of CPU (eg. 25% for 
quard core CPU).

While if the checkbox "Rename occurrences in strings and comments" was made 
unchecked, eric4 won't die away, but it do nothing at all. Both the 
identifier "sense" remain no change.

# I'll describe the rest at next replay soon.
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