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Author: roperuser
Recipients: detlev
Date: 2013-02-08.11:56:11
Sorry, I have missed to mention install the plugin "Refactoring, Rope" after 
install eric4. It was installed by using "Plugins -> Plugin Repository...". 
And the Version is 1.2.0.

# Change Signature
Select and highlight the identifier "makeSense" at line 16.
Select "Refactoring -> Refactoring -> Change Method Signature".
Then the rope error pops up: "Change method signature should be performed on 

# Extract Method
Select and highlight the two lines: line 12 and line 13.
Select "Refactoring -> Refactoring -> Extract Method".
Type a method name, eg. "testfunc".
The checkbox "Extract similar expressions/statements" was checked by default.
Click "OK" or "Preview" button.
Then the rope error pops up: "Extracted piece should contain complete 

As the attachment "change_signature_and_extract_method.png".
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